URBAN Association


The URBAN Association was founded in Sarajevo in 2007 with the aim of promoting culture in the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The founders of the Association wanted to create an interactive online platform for promoting cultural events. They sent an application to six different places with a beautifully designed project documentation and gained 8% of the resources needed for the realization of the project. The first project was never carried out. After a one-year-long pause with no activity, in 2008, Jasminko Halilović, the founder of the Association, opted for a different approach. It was then that a new strategy, upon which our specific business model is built, was created.

It was not always easy, but we have achieved something.


Our business model is based on low costs, voluntary contributions of all members and the income from our own activities. We only carry out the projects that we believe will become self-sustainable. If it turns out that our estimate was incorrect, we give up on the project and in that manner minimize future losses. All our projects are completely self-sustainable and so we are pioneers among the cultural institutions and organizations of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The income that we generate through “Urban production” is continuously the most significant and the most stable source of funding. In that sense, we are also among the pioneers of social entrepreneurship in Bosnia and Herzegovina. All this enabled us to grow at a stable double-digit rate in times of the financial crisis. 


Today, URBAN has 30 active members who participate in a variety of projects. Our exhibitions of photographs and book promotions fall under the largest cultural events in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We are proud of carrying out our projects in the entire country, so that our events were seen not only in Sarajevo but also in Banja Luka, Zenica, Mostar, Tuzla, Prijedor, Livno, Visoko, etc. We have also presented our projects in approximately 10 other countries of the world. URBAN has been actively contributing to the community since its first day of existence. We support culture, art and humanitarian actions, not only with thousands of hours of volunteering, but also with our own resources. We are especially proud of the fact that dozens of young people have gained their first work experiences and earned their first wages exactly through URBAN. We believe that this is only the beginning.

Raise in income from 2008 to 2014

Sources of income in 2014